Some of you have expressed interest in telling friends, neighbors, co-workers, community associations or church groups about TroubledWith. In response to your suggestions and requests, we've created a page filled with convenient Web ads, fliers and other tools to help you share this positive Internet resource with others.

Please let us know when you've added a link to or if you've used the tools and information on this page to tell others about us. Our feedback form is available for your convenience.

Thanks for letting us know what TroubledWith has done for you ??? we're encouraged to hear that our site is making a difference in people's lives. It's an honor to work alongside you, offering help and hope to those you care about.

146 X 100 banner ads (6K)

These Web banners can be downloaded and posted on your Web site. For PC users, right click on the image and click "Save Picture As" to save a copy of the image file. For Mac users, drag the image onto your desktop.

Need a friend who's there 24/7?

Let her handle your hair, not your problems.

Sometimes you want to go where no one has to know your name.

Click any thumbnail image to see the full-size PDF file. Printing the PDF file will give you a high-resolution 8?? X 11 black-and-white flier.

Bookmarks, radio ads and public service announcements (PSAs), and artwork for billboards are also available, as well as other ways of spreading the word. If you're interested in details, please use our feedback form or call us at 719-531-3400. When you call, please ask for the TroubledWith team.

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