Child Molestation: What to Look For
Here is how you can recognize signs of abuse and take action.
I Didn't Matter
Everything and everyone in Leah's life seemed to shout, "You don't matter."
Losing Myself
One abused woman found hope, healing and herself.
The Eye of the Beholder
They say beauty is more than skin deep. In our culture, it's easier said than done. But here's one woman who lives it.
An abused man speaks out about the destruction of his marriage, and the healing he has found.
When No Isn't Enough
Sex abuse is a horrible crime, but you can fight back and, ultimately, find healing.
When a Diet Spins Out of Control
If compulsive eating habits are taking over your life, it's crucial that you take steps to be freed.
Whole Again
Individuals who suffer from eating disorders need the help of trained eating disorder healthcare providers.
Contributing Factors
Although the following influences do not constitute a comprehensive list of contributing factors, they are often present in eating disorders.
Breaking the Cycle
It's not easy, but it is possible to end an addiction.
God and Gambling
What does the Bible say about gambling?
How to Help the Compulsive Gambler
Reality is a tough medication for gamblers, but there is a way out!
Pursuing Health or Perfection?
Overcome cultural pressure toward physical perfection by choosing to honor God with your body.
The Support of a Friend
Admitting you need help is the hardest part of overcoming an addiction.
Absentee Father
One adult child of an alcoholic shares his experience of healing and hope.
Addiction Triggers
What causes the addiction cycles to begin?
Dealing With Internet Pornography Addiction
Finding answers to your questions can be the first step in helping your addicted spouse.
Dr. Jekyll's Potion
The link between alcohol and violent behavior may be stronger than you think.
Emotional and Verbal Abuse
The wounds caused by abuse aren't always visible.
Heading in a New Direction
Surely someone this deeply addicted to pornography would be out of God's reach.
How to Do an Intervention
When a loved one just won't stop drinking, sometimes drastic measures are required. Once you've decided to try an intervention, how do you start?
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
How pornography fails to satisfy our core needs.
If You're an Alcoholic
Think you'll never be able to quit? There is hope.
On the Road to a Place Called Freedom
Practical ways to begin the process of healing from sexual abuse.
Recognizing Abuse Both Seen and Unseen
Verbal and physical abuse are far more prevalent in our society than you might expect.
Secondary Symptons of Sexual Abuse
Here's how to identify common patterns and characteristics among abuse victims.
Sex and Lies
Five things about women pornography teaches young men.
Stages of Porn Addiction
The progression of addiction can lead you to a place you never thought you'd go.
The Hungry Heart
Our souls seek satisfaction like a starving man seeks food. Regardless of race, culture or creed, we have one commonality: hungry hearts. What is it our souls hunger for? Relationship.
The Subtle Dangers of Pornography
Only a small number of people who view pornography develop addictions that lead them to violent behavior. But pornography does pose subtle dangers for all people who dabble in it.
The Truth About Sex Abuse
The term "sexual abuse" is more than words: It's real people having real pain.
Uncovering Sex Abuse
Recent news of clergy-perpetrated sex abuse has brought new visibility to the widespread problem.
What to do if Someone You Know is Raped
Though the emotional and physical damage has already been done, there are ways to help a friend or loved one face this tragedy.
What to do if You're Addicted to Porn
It's not easy, but it is possible to break pornography's hold on your soul.
What's Good About Sex?
Sex clubs, Internet porn, AIDS ... with so much perversion, it's easy to forget what God intended sex to be.
When Coping Becomes Addiction
Understanding how addictions or poor coping skills meet needs can help break the cycle.
When My Worst Fear Came True
A mother relives the time her young daughter was molested.
Who Needs Counseling?
Counseling is sometimes perceived as a "last resort," rather than a valuable source of help.
But I've Got Reasons!
Alcoholics offer countless excuses for drinking. They simply don"t hold water.
Compulsive and Problem Gambling: A National Problem
An addiction to games of chance has become a widespread epidemic in America.
Filling the Holes in Our Souls
When harmless "hobbies" become compulsions, it may be time to take a closer look at the emotional deficits in our lives.
Gambling and Kids
Not only is gambling legal, for the first time in modern American history, it's being promoted as family entertainment.
Gambling's Impact on Families
Casino owners want you to think gambling is a benign activity. Here's what they don't want you to know.
Helping a Domestic Violence Victim
If you know someone who might be a victim of domestic violence, here's how you can help.
How to Recognize Pathological Gambling
Recognizing patterns of behavior in addicted gamblers is an important step.
Under the Influence
Growing up with an alcoholic father was frightening. In the end, I choose to give my father the gift of forgiveness.
Danger Signs of an Affair
Though affairs are often unpredictable, there are recognizable symptoms of a troubled marriage.
Hope for Couples in Crisis
The key to dealing with marital strife lies in respect.
It Would Never Happen to Us
Teen drug addiction is always some other family's tragedy, until it hits home.
No One's Immune
As the daughter of a Christian physician proves, eating disorders aren't always caused by obvious risk factors.
Starting the Healing
Hope comes from knowing we are created by God.
When Couples are Cruel
If insults are your primary form of communication, here's how you and your spouse can make some changes.
Where Do Eating Disorders Come From?
It's not easy to pinpoint the cause of an eating disorder, but therein lies the key to freedom.
When Cyber-dating Becomes an Addiction
It might seem fun, exciting and harmless at first, but online dating can become a trap.
Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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