What to do if You're Addicted to Porn

The first thing you've got to do is admit that you have a struggle with porn. Believe me, you're not strange or unusual if you do. Millions of men are at various stages of struggling with porn. It's not really surprising, after all. The porn industry has spent billions of dollars trying to snare you. Is it really so shocking that they've succeeded with so many men?

So, after you've admitted to yourself that you struggle, admit it to God and PRAY! Submit the entire situation to Him and ask for a complete healing. if God can raise Christ from the dead, you bet He can heal you from this problem. For some of you, there may also be issues in your past abuse or sexual exposure, that are making pornography harder to shake. There's only so much one man can fight without help.

Breaking the secrecy is absolutely, positively vital. You probably can't escape an addiction without it. That doesn't mean everyone has to know you're struggling. Pick someone you can trust, who's listened to men's problems. A pastor, youth group leader or counselor you can completely trust. Someone you feel safe with. If it's someone who's worked with men's issues, your struggle isn't going to be a surprise for them believe me.

We admire guys and girls who have the guts to get their lives straightened out. We'll try to put you in touch with people who can help you throw the toxic waste of porn out of your life for good.

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