Breaking Up is Hard to Do
The pain of a broken relationship is real, but not forever.
Finding a Soul Mate
If you fear you'll always be alone, take these tips to heart.
My Husband Has a Headache
How to handle it when you're the only one who's interested.
Who Needs Counseling?
Counseling is sometimes perceived as a "last resort," rather than a valuable source of help.
Abortion Risks
While abortion seems like a "quick fix" for a long-term problem, it is a permanent decision that carries physical, emotional and spiritual risks.
Accident, Surprise or Gift?
When pregnancy takes you by surprise, there's more than one way to look at it.
Empty Womb, Aching Heart
Infertile. Such a cold word for such an emotional condition. For one couple, the end of the story is better than the beginning.
Expecting the Unexpected
Surprise! The pregnancy test is positive. Now what?
Honey, I'm Pregnant!?
Even married women can get caught by surprise. So what do you do when you're pregnant and you didn't mean to be?
Infertility and Adoption
Why do so many couples pursue alternatives to natural child birth?
Suffering Toward God
Facing their daughter's death forces one couple to answer life's hardest questions.
What the Choice is All About
For a long time it baffled me. I could never understand why anyone would want to be pro-choice. But this past week I finally got it.
Risk Factors for Premarital Sex
Concerned your teen is having sex? These indicators may help you decide to confront your teen.
The New Virgins
Saving sex for marriage isn't just a passing fad.
When Grief Doesn't End
Despair can halt the natural and healthy process of grieving.
Am I Less of a Man?
I thought I could handle anything. After all, I was a man's man. A tackle-football, monster-truck, built-Ford-tough type of guy. But then the test results came in.
Born Gay?
How can you debunk the claim of biological determinism?
Can I Buy a New Body?
You can appreciate your body ??? and enjoy your husband's appreciation of it.
Choosing the Best for Your Baby
How do you decide between adoption and single motherhood?
Coping with Infertility
Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional roller coaster ??? especially when you're struggling with infertility. While the ride can be an emotionally difficult one, there are some ways to make it a little easier.
Finding His Way Out
One man proves it is possible to escape the grip of homosexuality.
Getting Out of a Bad Situation
So you want to stop living with your significant other; how do you do it?
Hope and Comfort From the Bible
If you're asking God why this happened to your baby, here are some of His answers from the Bible.
I Never Knew You, Still I Love You
One woman's story of her grieving period when she miscarried.
Just Hold Me
Men and women both desire ??? and need ??? physical connection.
Left to Suffer
Abortion can leave a woman feeling more empty and alone than she ever dreamed possible.
Let's Talk About Sex
How do you make the right decision about when ??? and with whom ??? you should have sex?
Life After Miscarriage
Remembering your loss can help you heal.
Life is Sacred
Sometimes the choices we make bring pain. Thankfully, one woman turned to God for healing.
Living Together: Not Such a Good Idea After All
The evidence is in: living together without the benefit of a marriage license can be hazardous to your health.
My Father's Closet
When Dad leaves Mom for another woman, the wounds are deep. But what do you do when he leaves for another man?
No Joy in Your Sex?
There is help for married women who are sexually unfulfilled.
Not What I'd Expected
Having a gay father-in-law was the beginning of lessons on love and compassion amidst different beliefs and values.
Post-Abortive Men and the Church
The effects of abortion rear their head in the most unexpected places.
Stepping out of Denial
Before you can heal from the shock of an abortion, you first have to acknowledge the pain it caused.
Struggling With Homosexuality
These questions and answers are designed to help men and women dealing with same-sex attraction work through the confusion.
Taboo Grief: Men and Abortion
It's not something most men talk about, but the ones who've lost a child to abortion bear many scars.
The Best Sex
Sex doesn't happen the way you might think it does.
The Causes of Homosexuality
Here are three possible reasons why your child is gay.
The Guilt of Homosexuality
Are parents to blame when their son or daughter comes out of the "closet"?
The Screwtape E-mails
Someone is out to get you but his identity may surprise you.
Understanding Miscarriage
Here are the symptoms and causes of miscarriage.
Unhappy in Bed
If sex is supposed to be great, why is it less than satisfying for so many couples?
Virtual Unfaithfulness: Pornography Use in a Marriage
Why shouldn't a husband and wife use pornography to increase their sexual excitement and enhance their lovemaking?
What Not to Say
Sometimes even people with good intentions say the most hurtful things.
What is Sex Worth?
Sex before marriage cost more than I dreamed.
When Sex Isn't Satisfying
Here's a look at the origins of sexual dissatisfaction in marriage.
When Your Spouse is Gay
This perspective about homosexuality in marriage comes from a Christian counselor.
When a Loved One Says 'I'm Gay'
It is possible to move beyond the grief.
Who's On First
Are you dating or just friends? Maybe the other person changed the rules. Then again, maybe you just haven't been paying attention.
Why the Post-Abortive Woman Doesn't Talk About Her Abortion
Abortion leaves many women feeling deep sadness and extreme emotional distress. Often, the last thing they want to do is talk about it.
You're Not Alone
Infertility afflicts millions. Thankfully, there are many effective treatment options.
Love Lessons
We long for intimacy but too often settle for physical or emotional promiscuity.
When Cyber-dating Becomes an Addiction
It might seem fun, exciting and harmless at first, but online dating can become a trap.
Is it too Late for Love?
The delicate courtship dance between men and women has always been fraught with ignorance, uncertainty and razor-sharp emotional peril. Now, there's help.
Kiss Me Now
One couple's decision to postpone physical affection of even the simplest kind.
Never Surrender
A committed marriage can weather the storms of life.
The Moves
If you do decide you're dating, then what?
Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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