Not going to bed angry sounds great in theory, but in the middle of a knockdown, drag-out fight or extended silent treatment, going to bed is a welcome escape. Falling asleep is another matter. Anger erodes relationships; it resides deep in a person s soul, affecting reactions, the ability to love and even physical health. Though often demonstrative, anger is also a hidden enemy, accumulating bottles of dark thoughts and bitterness. Whatever the cause of anger, it can be overcome. If you or someone you live with are plagued by anger, learn how to resolve and forgive. Maybe you ll get a peaceful night s rest after all.

Background Information

The Look of Anger
Anger comes in many forms. But left uncontrolled, the fallout is always negative.

Questions and Answers

My husband is a good man, but he gets angry at the kids and says things that he later regrets. How can I convince him to be careful about these off-the-cuff comments?


Escaping my Abusive Relationship: A Shark Story
Used constructively, anger can be a powerful tool for protecting yourself from an abusive relationship.

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Other Things to Consider

Overcoming Bitterness
Holding on to bitterness takes a heavy toll. Letting go requires a new understanding and a new attitude.

Out of Bounds
Here's how you can identify and deal with destructive patterns in your relationships.

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