Drugs and Alcohol

When your teen comes home hours past curfew, you €™re angry and relieved. Then you notice his words are slurring and his eyes are glazed over. Maybe he €™s hiding something, becoming more withdrawn and non-communicative. You know he €™s vulnerable to peer pressure. And his friends encourage experimentation. Panic tends to afflict parents who suspect drug or alcohol abuse. How can you help him avoid these land mines? And if you suspect he €™s already hooked on drugs or alcohol, what can you do to help him get free?

Background Information

Beyond the Gateway
Teenagers who start with cigarettes and beer, often keep going. Here's a look at what lies beyond gateway drugs.

The Gateway Drugs
How do some teens develop an addiction to cocaine?

A Big Stink
Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome can occur the first time a user tries huffing or the 100th time he inhales. How do you talk to your middle schooler about the overwhelming dangers of sniffing vapors?

Four Stages of Danger
Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug abuse.

Questions and Answers

It is commonly understood that peer pressure causes teenagers to begin smoking or using drugs. Is that what really motivates them to pick up dangerous habits?

My teenager already has a problem with drugs. What do I do now?


It Would Never Happen to Us
Teen drug addiction is always some other family's tragedy, until it hits home.

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Do What I Do
Children learn by watching us live our lives. It is all the more reason to live honorably.

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TransitionsPreparing for Adolescence, Empty Nest