Internet Concerns

Responsible Internet use requires an understanding of both the promise and the perils of the Web, a commitment to vigilance and a willingness to learn how modern technology can safeguard your loved ones. It is possible to provide your family with the practical benefits of Internet technology without compromising your values.

Background Information

A New Type of Internet Predator
Parents beware of yet another threat girls face—Web sites encouraging binging and purging.

Symptoms of Internet Abuse
These are some warning signs if you suspect your child is looking at inappropriate Web sites.

The Internet's Dark Side
Understanding the dangers your kids face is critical to protecting them.

Questions and Answers

Does Focus have any information about Web filtering programs?


How Tempting It Is
Giving your kids unrestricted access to the Internet is worse than you may know.

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Other Things to Consider

Do What I Do
Children learn by watching us live our lives. It is all the more reason to live honorably.

RelationshipsBlended Families, Parents and Adult Children

TransitionsPreparing for Adolescence, Empty Nest