Despite what the casinos tell you, nothing is free. Gambling traps you with the possibilities: turning a few bucks into 50, 100, one million dollars. Winning is alluring. Unfortunately, the success doesn €™t last and betting robs you of more than just money. It puts your family at a higher risk of experiencing bankruptcy, divorce, suicide, domestic violence and other tragedies. If gambling is destroying your financial resources, causing problems in your marriage and sabotaging your future, read on. Whether you €™re the one gambling or the one affected by this destructive pastime, you may feel out of control and threatened by losing everything. It is possible to find your way out of the maze of compulsive gambling.

Background Information

Compulsive and Problem Gambling: A National Problem
An addiction to games of chance has become a widespread epidemic in America.

Gambling and Kids
Not only is gambling legal, for the first time in modern American history, it's being promoted as family entertainment.

Gambling's Impact on Families
Casino owners want you to think gambling is a benign activity. Here's what they don't want you to know.

Questions and Answers

What role does denial play in the life of the compulsive gambler?

I am married to a compulsive gambler and have heard the expression "enabler." Could you help me determine if I am an enabler?


His Ticket Home: A Gambler's Story
After struggling for years with an addiction to gambling, my brother eventually found redemption. Here's his story.

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Other Things to Consider

God and Gambling
What does the Bible say about gambling?

Filling the Holes in Our Souls
When harmless "hobbies" become compulsions, it may be time to take a closer look at the emotional deficits in our lives.

Life Pressures: Workaholism

Parenting Teens Drugs and Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Internet Concerns

Relationships:  Anger