Physical and Verbal Abuse

€œI €™ll never hit you again. € €œIf you €™d just do what I ask, I wouldn €™t have to do this. € Maybe you €™ve heard these words; maybe you €™ve said them. Whichever side you €™re on, physical and verbal abuse cause inexpressible damage. The bruises may fade, but the invisible scars last a lifetime. An abuser attacks your emotions, your sense of worth and often, your body. Long after physical scars heal and the argument ends, emotional wounds erode your self-worth. Abusers typically act out of an unchecked need for control, and the people they abuse become imprisoned by manipulation and domination sometimes even believing they deserve this cruel behavior. Fortunately, there is a way out of abusive patterns both for those addicted to control and those victimized by abuse.

Background Information

Emotional and Verbal Abuse
The wounds caused by abuse aren't always visible.

Recognizing Abuse Both Seen and Unseen
Verbal and physical abuse are far more prevalent in our society than you might expect.

Secondary Symptons of Sexual Abuse
Here's how to identify common patterns and characteristics among abuse victims.

Questions and Answers

Why do abused women often stay, rather than just flee the situation?

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How should a wife deal with her husband's abusive tendencies?

Have you ever been concerned that exercising the concept of "tough love" in a marital crisis could potentially kill the marriage?


Escaping my Abusive Relationship: A Shark Story
Used constructively, anger can be a powerful tool for protecting yourself from an abusive relationship.

Losing Myself
One abused woman found hope, healing and herself.

An abused man speaks out about the destruction of his marriage, and the healing he has found.

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