Sexual Abuse

Sex was designed to be an expression of love between a man and wife. Victims of sexual abuse know that love is the furthest thing from the mind of the abuser. The height of perversion, sexual abuse causes extreme damage. The anger, emotional injury, physical scars and haunting memories can last a lifetime. It is possible, however, to heal from the pain of sexual abuse. A new life, free from the trauma that imprisons, awaits those who long for restoration from a horrific sexual experience.

Background Information

The Truth About Sex Abuse
The term "sexual abuse" is more than words: It's real people having real pain.

Uncovering Sex Abuse
Recent news of clergy-perpetrated sex abuse has brought new visibility to the widespread problem.

Questions and Answers

How can I get on with my life despite past abuse?


When My Worst Fear Came True
A mother relives the time her young daughter was molested.

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