Developing a healthy self-image in a society that stresses perfection isn t easy. Advertisers flood the airwaves with young models whose imperfections have been airbrushed out of existence. The standard is impossibly high if supermodels and actresses resort to eating disorders to control their weight, is there any hope for the rest of us? Where is the line between maintaining health both physical and mental and pursuing the impossible? It s time to recognize false standards, set realistic goals, learn to accept who we are and get on with living.

Background Information

A Matter of Perspective
How you view yourself has a lot to do with how others see you.

More Than Skin Deep
In this culture, it's hard to believe beauty is more than skin deep.

Image is Everything
A generation of Americans are ignoring their inner beauty for the pursuit of the perfect exterior.

Questions and Answers

Leslie's husband died a few years ago. Despite her tremendous abilities Leslie struggles with low self-esteem. How can she improve her self-esteem and make sure her daughters grow up valuing themselves?


Winning at Losing
Losing weight has its ups and downs. Learn how to do it right and win at losing.

Skin Deep
A beauty pageant contestant discovers looks aren't all they're made up to be.

The Weight of Being Fat
I joined Weight Watchers when I was 13. Why couldn't I just be normal?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
One's worth and value may not come from where you expect.

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Other Things to Consider

Embracing the Real You
While many people obsess about their less-than-perfect bodies, countless others fret over their intelligence, ethnicity or economic status. Do you have trouble accepting yourself?

The Pain of Perfectionism
Some perfectionists suffer from low self-esteem because they think they must be perfect something they can never be to like themselves.

Transitions: Changing Jobs, Moving

Relationships: Communication Gaps

Parenting Teens: Communication Problems