Communication Gaps

Arguing in marriage can be productive, but it can also disrupt your daily activity, dominating your life. When asked their secret, most happily married couples echo one another: healthy communication. Inability to communicate, or repeated miscommunication, destroys the heart of a marriage. It s true the differences between men and women can make for some difficult and amusing situations when it comes to understanding and being understood. Opening the lines of communication, rather than shutting up and writing off your spouse, can bring new life to your marriage.

Background Information

The Second Decade of Love
Before the kids leave home, find a renaissance in your marriage.

We Need to Talk
Sometimes the biggest problem in a marriage is a matter of words.

Questions and Answers

What distinguishes a healthy marriage from one that is in serious trouble? How can a husband and wife know when their conflicts are within normal limits and when they are symptoms of more serious problems?

There are times when I just don't want to talk at all. My husband understands, but my kids get upset. Can't I just be quiet if I want to?

My husband and I never talk about the subject of sex, and this is frustrating to me. Is this a common problem in marriage?

What advice would you give to a woman whose husband just won't respond to her emotionally? That's my situation. My husband would rather keep his thoughts to himself. How can I deal with the longing inside me?


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Communication Storm
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Learning to Make Marriage Real
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Speaking In Code
The language between husband and wife sounds foreign to an outsider. But does each spouse understand what they're saying to one another?

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