Communication Problems

You never listen! These angry words echo from both sides of the chasm between parent and teen. Negative words outweigh positive, making communication impossible and connection a distant memory. Parents revert to the past, remembering the heart-warming, thriving relationship with their adoring child now an antagonistic and difficult teen. Teens project to the future, an unseen day where parents words fade in the freedom to do whatever I want. Neither perspective fosters healthy communication. Since the teen years are the launch pad to adulthood, and parents have much to contribute for the journey, it s critical for parents to find ways to restore clarity and understanding.

Background Information

Ten Needs of Every Teen
Fulfilling the needs (not necessarily wants) of our teenagers enables us to forge strong, life-lasting friendships with them.

Ten Things Your Teen is Reluctant to Tell You
Just knowing what your teen is thinking can make all the difference.

The Scourge of Sarcasm
Often it's not what you say, but how you say it that matters most.

Questions and Answers

My son complains that we never listen to him. How can we prove that we are indeed paying attention?

My teen says we're disrespecting him, yet he's the one acting disrespectfully toward us. What should we do?


Is Anybody In There?
Talking with your teen can be a challenge, but it's worth the payoff.

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