Life is not comprised of what you pack in boxes, but what you leave behind. Because moving is both physically and emotionally draining, it ranks among the top stressors a person can experience. Moving requires careful planning and detailed arranging; the to-do list grows by the minute and it seems the work will never be done. But the biggest impact is not in relocating geographically, it €™s the transition from comfortable familiarity to a new environment of unknowns. If you and your family feel out of control during this time of upheaval if you €™re literally €œon the move € you €™ve found a safe place to €œunpack € your emotions and fears.

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Moving Blues
When you move, you pack more than just your stuff your emotions often get put in boxes, too.

Questions and Answers

How can I get my children ready to handle a move to a new city?

Due to a job transfer, we are moving to a different region of the country. How can we "soften the blow" for our kids?

I have a 14-year-old who is depressed, angry and will only talk about our old home. How do I help her?

Our 17-year-old son says he won't move with the family. He wants to live with friends and graduate from the school he now attends. Should we let him stay?

What can we do to make our upcoming move easier on our two teenagers?


Moving For Him
I knew He loved me, but until I moved, I didn't know how much I needed His love.

Cherish, Not Cling
Deciphering what can be let go and what to hold on to is often a major step in moving on.

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