Stress can be a powerful motivator when reacting to sudden danger or trying to meet a deadline. But more often than not, stress robs us of good health in mind, body and spirit. Sleepless nights are the rule and well-balanced meals a thing of the past. Family time just seems to disappear. Pressures at work overwhelm. Tasks on the to-do list multiply. And worse, an impending sense of doom and depression gnaws at the soul. As the pace of life accelerates at breakneck speed, how and where can you find balance?

Background Information

Widespread Anxiety
Here's a look at the frequency and types of anxiety problems.

Making Good Decisions
What to do about avoidance one of the biggest time wasters around.

Symptoms of Anxiety
Here's how to recognize the signs of anxiety disorder.

Questions and Answers

Are anti-anxiety medications absolutely necessary? Is it possible, for instance, to cure repeated anxiety attacks without them?

Are some anti-anxiety medications safer and less addictive than others?

Do anti-anxiety medications have to be taken forever?


Strapping on the Nitro
Stress can be more dangerous than you think.

Sweet Escape?
Chocolate: What tastes so good going down may leave you empty.

The Journey
One man's tale of traveling through anxiety and panic disorder to the other side.

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Other Things to Consider

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
If you sweat the small stuff, it's time to learn how to break free from the control freak inside of you.

What Really Matters?
Your answer to the question of priorities can make the difference between success and failure.

Trading Anxiety for Peace
Embracing peace can begin with a switch in perspective.

A Spiritual RX for Healthy Mind and Body
A new study of bereaved spouses shows a significant link between religious faith and the ability to heal after a loss. It's just one more confirmation of the faith/health connection.

Learning to Roll With Change
It's not the most fun you'll ever have, but the results are worth it.

Transitions: Changing Jobs, Moving

Relationships: Communication Gaps

Parenting Teens: Communication Problems