Nighttime problems

Sleep is an essential part of your children €™s growth. And when they don €™t get enough of it, it €™s likely neither do you. Night terrors and bad dreams can be harder on Mom and Dad than their child, especially when they happen hours after you €™ve fallen asleep. Waking up wet makes for cold and soggy mornings, and repeated piles of laundry. Is there some way to put an end to the sleep-deprived grumpies plaguing your family? For those seeking peaceful nights, we have gathered tips and information to help your child €œsleep like a baby € again.

Background Information

Fast Asleep?
This overview of common nighttime problems may help parents and kids get a good night's rest.

Water Bed
She's potty trained by day, but nighttime is a different story.

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My child is afraid of the dark. How can I lessen this fear?


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