Having a Baby

Pulse racing, hands shaking, the clock ticking waiting for the results of a pregnancy test is just the beginning of the anxious enthusiasm. Finding out you €™re expecting a baby is overwhelming. Life as you know it will never be the same. In this transition from being a couple to being parents; having the house to yourselves to sharing it with a boisterous toddler; living freely to embracing responsibility; you will experience both joy and anxiety. Discovering how to handle your fears and embrace this transition enables you to prepare for your new arrival physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Note: This collection of articles is designed to help an expectant mother or father prepare for parenthood. It does not focus on related medical issues, nor is it intended to replace personal consultation with a physician or other health professional.

Background Information

Why Daddies Matter
Having a baby is one of the most demanding things a woman can do. Having the help of a husband is invaluable.

Congratulations! You're Gonna Be a Dad!
A pregnancy timeline can help Dad know what to expect and what to put on his calendar.

The Cost of Postponing Childbirth
There are many reasons to delay pregnancy, but having a baby later in life is not without risks.

The Psychological Side of Pregnancy
While a woman experiences radical physiological changes during the months before birth, every mother-to-be also undergoes profound psychological changes.

The Wonder of Birth
The body does amazing things to make you a mother.

Questions and Answers

Our 3-year-old daughter was thrilled about having a new brother or sister. Now, however, she shows signs of jealousy. Please suggest some ways I can ease her through this period of adjustment.


Born too Soon
As with many instances of preterm labor, there was no reason, no explanation, for my wife's water breaking at 27 weeks.

Finding Value in the "Little Things"
Becoming a mother changed my ideas about significance in ways I'd never expected.

The love a parent feels for her children is a great emotional risk but worth every fear.

Waking Up is Hard to Do
Then again, mostly everything is hard to do when you're pregnant.

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Other Things to Consider

Learning to Roll With Change
It's not the most fun you'll ever have, but the results are worth it.

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