Preparing for Adolescence

She €™s 11, going on 27. He €™s only 12 and already trying to impress the girls. Adolescence brings on such overwhelming hormonal changes, it €™s no wonder teens are often confused, depressed, cranky or frustrated. Your emerging adult is facing obstacles ranging from acne to attitude problems, dating dilemmas to drug temptations, sprouting facial hair to shaping character, dealing with peer pressure to determining sexual standards. Parents, hold on! Whether you like it or not, you €™re a passenger right along with your teen on this roller coaster ride. Offer support by maintaining open, calm communication, establishing reasonable expectations, disciplining when needed and encouraging them to grow wisely.

Background Information

Caution: Changes Ahead
Prepare your children for adolescence before they embark on its rocky road.

Preparing for Change
Surviving one of life's most turbulent passages comes down to preparation, communication and a whole lot of understanding.

Questions and Answers

How can I avoid a communication blackout during the teen years?

How can I avoid future adolescent rebellion?


Predators in the Tall Grass
Sometimes it's what you can't see that poses the biggest threat.

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