Sibling Rivalry

Some people believe brothers and sisters instinctively love, and like, each other till they bring the second baby home. Competition begins early, sometimes with their first introduction to each other. Because children crave huge amounts of love, siblings tend to see each other as a hindrance to Mom or Dad s affection. Showing unconditional love to all your kids and justice when flare-ups do occur will prove to your little ones that there is no need to contend with each other. Eliminating conflict between your children may be impossible, but loving them and teaching them to love each other can end the jealousy in your home.

Questions and Answers

Why do my kids have to fight all the time? I have three of them, and they drive me crazy. Why can't they be nice to each other?

Our 3-year-old daughter was thrilled about having a new brother or sister. Now, however, she shows signs of jealousy. Please suggest some ways I can ease her through this period of adjustment.

Our daughter is showing signs of jealousy. How can I help her adjust to a sibling?


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