Depressed, despondent, empty, alone, despairing the overwhelming wash of negative emotions seems unbearable after the death of a loved one. Your feet are swept out from under you in waves of denial, anger, bargaining and depression. How can you break this pattern and accept the loss, allowing the grieving process to bring resolution and healing? Is peace anywhere on the horizon?

Background Information

When Grief Doesn't End
Despair can halt the natural and healthy process of grieving.

What Not to Say
Sometimes even people with good intentions say the most hurtful things.

Questions and Answers

Leslie's husband died a few years ago. Despite her tremendous abilities Leslie struggles with low self-esteem. How can she improve her self-esteem and make sure her daughters grow up valuing themselves?

What can we do to help those who are grieving?


Eliana Joy
When Eliana Joy died from severe brain abnormalities, her parents faced the toughest test they'd ever faced.

Suffering Toward God
Facing their daughter's death forces one couple to answer life's hardest questions.

You Never Get All the Answers
A couple touched by suicide shares their walk through grief.

God's Teacher
One person finds a new beginning after a tragic church retreat.

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Other Things to Consider

Discovering Purpose in Suffering
God does not comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters.

A Spiritual RX for Healthy Mind and Body
A new study of bereaved spouses shows a significant link between religious faith and the ability to heal after a loss. It's just one more confirmation of the faith/health connection.

Why Did God Let This Happen to Me?
Sometimes it's hard to understand why God allows pain.

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