Depression and Suicide

If your teen seems to have more "downs" than "ups" or seems fixated on death, saying things like, "I'd be better off dead" or "Maybe you'd like life better without me around," pay attention. Talking about death, previous suicide attempts and giving away prized possessions are indications that your teen may be suicidal. The sometimes-crushing pressure of life may find your teen losing battles with hopelessness, dejection and feelings of worthlessness. Parents of depressed teens must be vigilant. The careful, listening parent invites his teen to share her feelings. There is hope, and you can help your teen find it.

Background Information

Risks and Signs of Suicidal Behavior
Suicide is common in the adolescent years. Knowing what to look for is the best prevention.

Depression and Suicide
Teens suffering with depression need to be assessed for their risk of suicide. Pay particular attention to these risk factors.

The Symptoms of Depression
Most people associate depression with a feeling of gloom or sadness, but there is a much more important set of symptoms to keep in mind.

Understanding Depression
Depression afflicts everyone at some point. Knowing what to expect can make it easier to address.

Moods and Worldviews
Suicide is more likely where mood disorders and modern belief systems abound.

Questions and Answers

I have a 14-year-old who is depressed, angry and will only talk about our old home. How do I help her?


You Never Get All the Answers
A couple touched by suicide shares their walk through grief.

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Other Things to Consider

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