Single Parenting

Being a parent is tough. Raising a teen is really tough. Doing it alone can seem impossible. It €™s easy to worry that you €™re not up to the task: Will my daughter have a healthy self-image without a father in the home? Does my son feel too much pressure to be the €œman of the house €? Can I handle this without a mate? Your influence during this stage is critical since the adolescent years launch a child into adulthood. Still, those nagging feelings may convince you that you €™ve already €œmissed the mark € with your teen. Don €™t give up. It €™s okay to admit you can €™t do it alone. With help from family and friends, single parents can overcome their fears and get and give their teen the guidance they need.

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On Your Own
A lot changes after a divorce occur, most notably, the demands of parenting.

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I am bothered by having to send my kids to visit their dad for three weeks in the summer. Can you help me accept what I'm about to go through?

What encouragement can you offer to those of us who are single parents?


Let go of the Reins
Teaching your children independence starts earlier than you think.

Accepting a New Identity
Unexpectedly widowed, a woman has trouble accepting her role as single parent.

My Mother, My Hero
My mother sacrificed her life to give her kids the best she could and to help us be our best.

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