Single Parenting

Days overflow with responsibility: making ends meet, chauffeuring kids from one activity to the next, maintaining the house. But even in the midst of endless activity, the monotony of life sets in and many single parents question their effectiveness. Feelings of inadequacy and loneliness often surface: Will my child be balanced? Why do I have to be alone? How can I handle everything I have to do? Will my child resent growing up without both parents? These concerns and fears can be paralyzing, preventing moms and dads from being the parent their kids need. Insecurity, loneliness, grief and rejection loom over many single parents. But there is hope and encouragement for those who face parenting alone.

Background Information

Adopting on Your Own
This advice can help single parents who want to adopt children.

On Your Own
A lot changes after a divorce occur, most notably, the demands of parenting.

Questions and Answers

I am a single mother with a 5-year-old son. How can I raise him to be a healthy man who has a good masculine image?

What encouragement can you offer to those of us who are single parents?


The Way It Wasn't Supposed to Be
Divorce is a hateful thing. But with help, you can mend the torn fabric of your family's life.

Accepting a New Identity
Unexpectedly widowed, a woman has trouble accepting her role as single parent.

My Mother, My Hero
My mother sacrificed her life to give her kids the best she could and to help us be our best.

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