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School halls resonate with Eminem €™s lyrics and giggles about a new €œhottie € in the latest movie, yet teens insist pop culture doesn €™t affect their behavior. €œWhat goes in must come out € is a fitting phrase for impressionable adolescents. Parents play a critical role in determining what does, or doesn €™t, influence their teens. The wise parent teaches his teen to be discerning about media choices. Setting harsh, unbending rules may only drive your teen toward negative choices. Accusations of unfairness, €œYou never let me do anything! € can be avoided with open communication about entertainment choices. Because a teen €™s mind is still developing, the number one rule of parenting applies: be involved!

Background Information

How Violent Media Affects the Brain
New research cements a link between violent video games and increased levels of violence in teens

The Power of the Media
It's hard to deny that music and visual images have tremendous sticking power. But do those lingering sensations really make a difference?

When Life Imitates Art
We need to be very careful about what we allow ourselves to watch and listen to. Examples of others who didn't make wise choices are numerous, and some of them are frightening.

Questions and Answers

I'm troubled by some of the CDs showing up in our home. How do we set a music standard for our 13-year-old daughter?

What are the long-term consequences when children watch violent and sexual content on television?

What is your opinion of video games?


Guiding Your Teen Through the Media Landmines
My teenage son and I are catching on to a few new lessons: the importance of trusting God and why some movies and music lyrics are not acceptable.

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Other Things to Consider

Media Modeling: Setting an Example for our Teens
Isn't it assuring, in this age of menacing media, that V-chips and Internet filters can help us monitor our teens? Regrettably, we still lack mechanisms to help us set boundaries for ourselves.

Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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