Perhaps a friend saw your husband kissing another woman; perhaps you were the husband, or the other woman. Whatever the scenario, your marriage is now a grotesque picture of spouses in pain and panic from an affair. Trust between husband and wife is the glue that bonds a marriage. When that trust is broken, the bond disintegrates into pieces of betrayal, anger and hurt. If you ve been cheated on, or are the one doing the cheating, and are attempting to put the pieces back together, learn here how tough love can sometimes heal and restore relationships that seem irreparably damaged.

Background Information

The Truth About Emotional Affairs
At work and online, crossing the line from platonic friendship to emotional infidelity happens at an alarming rate.

An All-Too-Common Affair
Why do so many people get trapped in affairs?

Danger Signs of an Affair
Though affairs are often unpredictable, there are recognizable symptoms of a troubled marriage.

Questions and Answers

My marriage seems beyond repair to me. My husband is running around with other women and threatening to divorce me. Is there really any hope for us?

Is cybersex "cheating"?

My husband has been having an affair for the past three months. Should I just throw my arms open and pretend the affair never happened?


Reconcilable Differences
What's the secret to bringing a relationship back from the brink of divorce?

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Other Things to Consider

A Perfect Love
After a divorce, some amount of healing can occur through community support and learning to change certain behaviors. But complete healing can only come from the one who created us.

The Freedom in Forgiveness
Sometimes the comfort of holding a grudge can blind us to the relief of letting it go.

Special Situations
Even in cases of adultery, abuse and addictions, divorce isn't always the solution.

Forgiveness: What it is and What it Isn't
Understanding and granting forgiveness can help you move past the pain of divorce.

Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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