How Parents and Adult Children Can Rebuild Relationships
Repairing a strong parent-adult child relationship isn't easy, but it is possible. Here's how.
Overcoming Bitterness
Holding on to bitterness takes a heavy toll. Letting go requires a new understanding and a new attitude.
Division and Separation €¦But Not Divorce
Our separation stemmed from depression, pornography and unemployment. Despite the hardships we faced, we were determined not to let our marriage fail.
Coffee Can Wait
When my son was born, I prayed he would marry a good Christian woman. When he did, my daughter-in-law relationship with me turned out differently than what I expected.
Not the "Normal" Blended Family
Most families become blended through divorce, death and remarriage. Our blend is much different.
The Truth About Emotional Affairs
At work and online, crossing the line from platonic friendship to emotional infidelity happens at an alarming rate.
The Myths and Realities of In-law Relationships
When you marry, you become a family in more ways than one.
Growing Up and Letting Go
Leaving the nest is hard on parents and children alike.
The Second Decade of Love
Before the kids leave home, find a renaissance in your marriage.
The Worst is Yet to Come
Divorce is hard on kids in the short term. What's troubling is their inability to "bounce back," even years later.
When the In-laws are in Town
Living near in-laws and parents or caring for them when they are older is a great chance to build deeper relationships.
A Perfect Love
After a divorce, some amount of healing can occur through community support and learning to change certain behaviors. But complete healing can only come from the one who created us.
Avoiding and Ending an Affair
If you're tempted to have an affair, here's how you can walk away.
Managing Conflict in Marriage
Constructive arguing involves expressing negative feelings in a positive way. Learn how to speak this new language.
Out of Bounds
Here's how you can identify and deal with destructive patterns in your relationships.
The Freedom in Forgiveness
Sometimes the comfort of holding a grudge can blind us to the relief of letting it go.
A New Season
If you no longer raise children and manage a household, it might be time for a change.
Defining Divorce
These are some terms you may hear if considering divorce.
Disciplining As a Team
Present a united front by creating a discipline action plan before you need it, and create a structure and stable environment in which your stepfamily can thrive.
Healing the Wounds of Divorce
The road to recovery can be daunting, but with a little help, you can move past the pain.
Loneliness and Depression Afflicting the Elderly
If you know an elderly person who you suspect is clinically depressed, don't brush it off. Do whatever is necessary to get them the help they need.
Loving the Stepmomster
It wasn't easy, but I did grow to accept the woman my dad remarried.
Portraits of a Stepfamily
A look at different types of stepfamilies can highlight the unique challenges each stepfamily may encounter.
Remarriage--A Step in the Right Direction?
In order to make a step in the right direction for you and your children, you first must understand the challenges of stepfamily living and then make an informed choice about remarriage.
The Effects of Divorce
Divorce harms more of your life than you might think.
What Makes Marriages Get Better?
If you think your only option is to stay married and be miserable or get a divorce, think again. There is a third option.
When Adult Children Move Back Home
Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy your newly empty nest, your adult child decides to move back in. Here's how parents and grown children can work together to make the most of it.
When Mom and Dad Split
If divorce brings happiness to the parents, the kids will benefit right?
When Your Kids Divorce
It's a delicate situation, but there are things you can do to help.
Hospice: Offering Quality of Life to the End of Life
Approximately 30 years ago, a U.S. volunteer movement began that would revolutionize health care.
Special Situations
Even in cases of adultery, abuse and addictions, divorce isn't always the solution.
When a Parent Has Cancer: Helping Children Face the Crisis
When a parent is diagnosed with cancer, it shakes the entire family, especially the children, who can feel paralyzed by the fear of losing a parent.
Who Needs Counseling?
Counseling is sometimes perceived as a "last resort," rather than a valuable source of help.
A Hope Big Enough
Barbara Wise found out she was HIV positive. What would her fiance do when she told him the devastating news?
A Spiritual RX for Healthy Mind and Body
A new study of bereaved spouses shows a significant link between religious faith and the ability to heal after a loss. It's just one more confirmation of the faith/health connection.
Advance Medical Directives
This comparison between Living Wills versus Durable Power of Attorney can help you make informed health care decisions for your aging parent.
Aging or Alzheimer's
Regular signs of growing older often get paralleled with Alzheimer's. Find out the difference.
Caregiving Support Systems
Providing for an aging parent can be stressful. It's important to be surrounded by others who can help.
Choosing an Assisted Living Facility
Here's help in deciding where your aging loved one will live.
Christ, Commitment, Communication
Here are three secrets that can make your marriage last a lifetime.
Communication Storm
A seemingly harmless question soon had my husband and me in the throes of a conversation meltdown.
Different Homes, Different Values: Uniting Instead of Fighting
The former spouse would walk away or hang up the phone. The anger became a vicious cycle that had to be broken if our stepfamily was to survive.
Discussing Your Medical Wishes: A Patient's Guide
Discussing your wishes for medical decision-making in case you are ever unable to make your own decisions is an important task. Here's how to facilitate this discussion.
Establishing Good In-Law Relationships
These tips will help parents and their married children resolve conflicts in a mature and gracious manner.
Fighting Fair
There are good fights and bad ones. Knowing which is which makes all the difference.
Forgiveness: What it is and What it Isn't
Understanding and granting forgiveness can help you move past the pain of divorce.
Full Circle
From child to parent, one woman reflects on caring for her mother.
Help From Hospice
For terminally ill patients, hospice is often a welcomed care option.
How Not to Fix Your Husband
When it comes to marriage, is it our job to "fix" our spouse's flaws or support their strengths?
How to Obtain an Advance Medical Directive
When someone you love is terminally ill, it's nice to know what they would want you to do.
If I End Up Like Terri: An Open Letter to My Wife
Teri Schiavo's tragic death made many people think. One man reflected on his future with his wife
Is It Alzheimer's?
If you're concerned about your loved one's mental health, here's help distinguishing normal memory loss from the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
Jumpstarting Your Stalled Midlife Marriage
Learn how a little preventative maintenance can have your relationship purring like a kitten.
Learning to Roll With Change
It's not the most fun you'll ever have, but the results are worth it.
Marriage Mentoring
Something wonderful happens when a more mature couple reaches out to a new couple. By helping another couple form and live out their dreams, one's own dreams for marriage are reawakened and fulfilled.
Navigating Your Parent's Financial Future
What are your options if you want to avoid shrinking personal resources?
Speaking In Code
The language between husband and wife sounds foreign to an outsider. But does each spouse understand what they're saying to one another?
The 'New' Old Age and the Value of Hospice Care
With advances in medicine the period that once led to an "old age" death has lengthened. This life phase is now characterized by a series of crises, remissions and recoveries that can last up to 20 years.
The Long Goodbye
A daughter faces the harsh reality of her mother's Alzheimer's disease and the difficulty of loving the stranger her mother has become.
Time To Take the Keys Away?
Many seniors operate a car safely into their 80s and beyond. Here are some factors to consider in evaluating your loved one's fitness to drive.
Understanding Your Mate
Is your husband too busy or unresponsive? Here's some straight talk to help plug the communication gap in your marriage.
We Need to Talk
Sometimes the biggest problem in a marriage is a matter of words.
When Mom and Dad Get Older
What do you do when caring for your elderly parents falls to you? When Mom and Dad get older, here are some ways to make the situation a little easier.
You Can Go Home Again
As parents reach their later years, many children feel the tug to move closer to them.
An All-Too-Common Affair
Why do so many people get trapped in affairs?
Danger Signs of an Affair
Though affairs are often unpredictable, there are recognizable symptoms of a troubled marriage.
Fasten Your Seatbelts: Turbulence Ahead
Anger and conflict can be used to strengthen your marriage.
Healthy Communication With Your Ex
Words are powerful. Use them wisely.
Hope for Couples in Crisis
The key to dealing with marital strife lies in respect.
Reconcilable Differences
What's the secret to bringing a relationship back from the brink of divorce?
The Look of Anger
Anger comes in many forms. But left uncontrolled, the fallout is always negative.
The Way It Wasn't Supposed to Be
Divorce is a hateful thing. But with help, you can mend the torn fabric of your family's life.
When Couples are Cruel
If insults are your primary form of communication, here's how you and your spouse can make some changes.
Anger Alert
If your teen is angry, getting to the root of the problem may enable the conversation to continue without it turning ugly.
Anger Awareness
Help your teen work through his volatile emotions.
When You're the Stepparent
Finding an effective stepparent role is indeed a challenge. Yet, with healthy expectations and a specific strategy to build relationship, a satisfying bond can be nurtured.
Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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