According to shows like €śThe Bachelor €ť and €śConfessions of a Matchmaker, €ť dating offers the chance to understand, unveil and often undress a person you barely know. Some would argue these shows are extreme, but if you've spent any time in the current social environment, you might say they're not far off. Where dating is concerned, society as a whole seems to have taken a wrong turn perhaps there €™s a better way. People who adhere to the principles of old-fashioned courtship may be on to something. But for those who are willing to take the more contemporary dating route to marriage, there are ways to minimize the heartache so common in today €™s romantic scene.

Background Information

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
The pain of a broken relationship is real, but not forever.

Let's Talk About Sex
How do you make the right decision about when and with whom you should have sex?

Questions and Answers

In a culture where dating and sex often blend together, where do I tell my son to "draw the line" physically?


Love Lessons
We long for intimacy but too often settle for physical or emotional promiscuity.

When Cyber-dating Becomes an Addiction
It might seem fun, exciting and harmless at first, but online dating can become a trap.

Is it too Late for Love?
The delicate courtship dance between men and women has always been fraught with ignorance, uncertainty and razor-sharp emotional peril. Now, there's help.

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Other Things to Consider

What is Sex Worth?
Sex before marriage cost more than I dreamed.

Who's On First
Are you dating or just friends? Maybe the other person changed the rules. Then again, maybe you just haven't been paying attention.

Kiss Me Now
One couple's decision to postpone physical affection of even the simplest kind.

The Moves
If you do decide you're dating, then what?

Abuse & AddictionPornography and Cybersex, Sexual Abuse

Parenting ChildrenTalking About Sex

Parenting TeensSexual Activity, Crisis Pregnancy, Homosexuality

TransitionsGetting Married, Adoption, Having a Baby