Living Together

No strings attached. Test-driving a relationship by sharing living quarters appears to be the perfect solution. If it works out, great! If not, no harm done. Or so you thought. Damage does occur when couples choose to live together. Marriage cements love with a commitment. Living together leaves you vulnerable, causing you to doubt the level of your partner €™s dedication. Studies show that couples who live together before marrying have a higher tendency to divorce. It seems the short-term commitment of living together often equals short-term commitment in marriage. If you €™re not ready to get married, do you really think you €™re ready to live together?

Background Information

The Problem With Living Together
Far from a trial marriage, living together is more like a test drive.

Living Together: Not Such a Good Idea After All
The evidence is in: living together without the benefit of a marriage license can be hazardous to your health.

Questions and Answers

Is living together before marriage a good test of future compatibility?

My boyfriend and I are both from broken homes and want to divorce-proof our future marriage. Is living together a good test of future compatibility?

What are the benefits of marriage versus living together?


Six-Month Security: Living Together Before Marriage
Find out why the "try before you buy" mentality doesn't work when it comes to committed relationships.

Love Lessons
We long for intimacy but too often settle for physical or emotional promiscuity.

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