Hollywood insists, €œIt €™s okay to be gay! You were born that way, € offering sexual €œoptions € to impressionable teens. As a concerned parent, you wonder how your child can possibly understand and embrace a healthy sexual identity in the middle of such a perplexing culture. Perhaps you, too, wonder if homosexuality is genetic, or maybe you suspect your teenager is exploring homosexual desires. At this crucial point, it €™s important to understand the roots of homosexuality and learn to communicate the truth. Being €œin the know € about homosexuality and its impact on your teen as well as society €™s promotion of same-sex relationships will enable you to help your teen deal with any confusion he or she may be experiencing.

Background Information

An Ounce of Prevention
Myths about homosexuality abound. Not least is the notion that, for some people, homosexuality is inevitable.

Born Gay?
How can you debunk the claim of biological determinism?

Struggling With Homosexuality
These questions and answers are designed to help men and women dealing with same-sex attraction work through the confusion.

The Causes of Homosexuality
Here are three possible reasons why your child is gay.

The Guilt of Homosexuality
Are parents to blame when their son or daughter comes out of the "closet"?

Questions and Answers

My friend is a lesbian, and she thinks it is okay. How do I tell her this isn't okay with God?


Finding His Way Out
One man proves it is possible to escape the grip of homosexuality.

My Father's Closet
When Dad leaves Mom for another woman, the wounds are deep. But what do you do when he leaves for another man?

Not What I'd Expected
Having a gay father-in-law was the beginning of lessons on love and compassion amidst different beliefs and values.

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Other Things to Consider

I Think I Might Be Gay!
This article, written for teen girls, points out that admiring the qualities, characteristics, or fashion sense of another female does not make you gay.

Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

RelationshipsBlended Families, Parents and Adult Children

TransitionsPreparing for Adolescence, Empty Nest