In the beginning, each month is filled with anticipation, home pregnancy tests and hope. But with each failed effort to conceive, anticipation gives way to anxiety, pregnancy tests seem a waste of money and hope turns to despair. Trying for months, years forever to get pregnant is taxing physically, mentally and especially emotionally. For many couples struggling with infertility, sex is a mechanical, well-timed ritual and fertility tests are routine. The inability to get pregnant makes the desire for a baby more intense. Fortunately, infertility is often medically treatable. And even when it s not, there are often new pathways to parenting or a fulfilling life without children of your own. By reading stories of couples who have experienced (and some who have overcome) the pain of infertility, you can embrace hope again.

Background Information

Infertility and Adoption
Why do so many couples pursue alternatives to natural child birth?

You're Not Alone
Infertility afflicts millions. Thankfully, there are many effective treatment options.

Questions and Answers

Our doctor has access to fertilized eggs that will be destroyed unless implanted in a recipient woman. How do you think God would view our accepting the eggs and giving life to one of them?

When I want to get pregnant again, is there anything I can do to improve my chances of carrying the baby to term?


Empty Womb, Aching Heart
Infertile. Such a cold word for such an emotional condition. For one couple, the end of the story is better than the beginning.

Am I Less of a Man?
I thought I could handle anything. After all, I was a man's man. A tackle-football, monster-truck, built-Ford-tough type of guy. But then the test results came in.

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Other Things to Consider

Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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Parenting TeensSexual Activity, Crisis Pregnancy, Homosexuality

TransitionsGetting Married, Adoption, Having a Baby