Sexual Dissatisfaction in Marriage

Sexual intimacy between husband and wife can be among the most satisfying benefits of marriage, yet many couples feel unfulfilled. Basic gender differences present a primary challenge. Add to that repeated excuses €œI €™m not in the mood, € €œI have a headache, € €œWe don €™t have to have sex every night, do we? € and it €™s easy to feel rejected, insecure and frustrated. Honest communication is the starting point. Discovering the €œwhy € behind sexual dissatisfaction can uncover the €œhow € for overcoming the marital bedroom blues.

Background Information

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Questions and Answers

Why are some men and women less sensual than others?

My wife will not respond to me sexually unless the circumstances are just right. Are other women like this?


Unhappy in Bed
If sex is supposed to be great, why is it less than satisfying for so many couples?

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