Adolescence is a time when many young people test limits and parents €™ patience. Teenage rebellion often goes hand-in-hand with changing hormones and adolescent €śattitudes. €ť In many cases, parents can head off problems by simply talking with their teen. However, when acting out leads to difficulties at home, school or in the community, and talk is hard to come by, love must be tough. Parents need to help teenagers make the connection between behavior and consequences, whether it means taking away the car, restricting phone use or even refusing to intervene when a son or daughter goes to jail. If you €™re dealing with a rebellious teen, it is possible to demonstrate love, reason and cooperation and to rebuild mutual trust and respect.

Background Information

Ten Things Your Teen is Reluctant to Tell You
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Understanding the Stormy Teen Years
It's notoriously rocky, but if you're prepared, you'll be more likely to survive.

Where Is This Coming From?
Help your teen discover the source of his anger.

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